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EnGarde body armour

EnGarde® is a leading manufacturer of high quality body armour products for use by law enforcement, the military and civilians worldwide. The three most important factors looked for in body armour products are performance, comfort and durability, and we strive to create designs which fulfil these needs whilst keeping our customers safe and secure.
Body armour tactical body armour flak jacket

Dyneema body armour

Our body armour is produced using only with the best available materials on the market: DSM Dyneema® and Honeywell Spectra Shield®. These materials enable us to create bullet proof vests which outperform the body armour standards for protection as set by the HOSDB for police in the UK while still offering clients very lightweight, comfortable and durable solutions. Neither Dyneema® nor Spectra Shield® is affected by UV light or water and they are both guaranteed to retain their ballistic properties for 10 years!

EnGarde® body armor delivers the best possible value in terms of superior body armour. We are dedicated to personalised customer service and fast delivery time.

On this website you will find our menu. This directs you to the different categories of bullet resistant vests and other personal protection products that we currently offer. These include covert armour, tactical overt armour, specialist overt armour, and hard armour.